Read Write Head change Tool to Recover Data from Damaged Read/write Head

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Published: 26th January 2011
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Hard disk is a magnetic disk to store computer data. Hard disk has platters with two read/write heads on each side. These read write heads can not work independently because all heads have single access.

If hard disk's read write head touch the surface of rotating platter, resulting in head crash or hard disk damage. It is important to avoid head crashing or shouldn't allow them to touch with platters.

Some times head damaged due to hard disk dropped or platter heads knocking against the limiters, it is also cause of head damage and data loss from hard drive. Head replacement technology and tools can help to handle these type of situations.

Unfortunately if your head crashed and data has been lost from hard drive, you can use read write head change tool to data recovery and prevent read write head to touch with each other or surface of the platter. It can avoid platter head crashing and data loss from hard drive.

There are so many read write head change tools available online. We can search online read write head change tools and select according to your requirements and budget. Different type of hard drives has different height of read write head and platters due to spacers that are used to keep platters apart.

We should look for read write tool which is adjustable for all platters of different heights and can work for all like single platter, duel and multi platter hard drives head stack swaps. We should choose the one read/write head tool that is fit for all, simple in use to recover data and prevent the damage of platter surface and read write head.

You can find free online courses and guidelines online to use read write head change tool. Guidelines and online courses can guide you, how to slide the heads onto the wedges to remove the heads without damage and recover data from head.

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